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The Brazilian Flavor

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The company
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FLORA FLORESTA DO ARAGUAIA CONSERVAS ALIMENTÍCIAS LTDA is an industry of the food sector, specialized in fresh pineapple processing for single strength and concentrate juice manufacturing, stableshed in 1998.
Its headquarters is in Floresta do Araguaia, southern region of the state of Pará, city with the largest area producing pineapple Pérola variety in Brazil.

Production Process
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Our products
Specialists in Pérola pineapple
We produce single strength and concentrated juices, frozen or aseptic, packaged in 200 liter metal drums.

Pineapple NFC;
Organic Pineapple NFC;
Pineapple juice concentrate 60° Brix;
Pineapple juice concentrate 60° Brix, added citric acid;
Pineapple juice concentrate 65° Brix;
Mango NFC;
Passion Fruit NFC;


The best in the world

We currently use the best technology in the world in relation to the extraction and production process of concentrated juice. The whole line is Tropical Food Machinery, the world leader in pineapple process equipment.

In safety

Our products have full traceability.

In the field

The variety Pérola is special, and appreciated by the most demanding markets.

In the factory

Perfect balance between technology and fruit processing experience.


We are deeply committed to our quality system, developed gradually over 20 years. We are certified FSSC 22,000 by SGS, we also participate in the SGF voluntary control system, we have Kosher and Halal certification.

Política de Qualidade
e Segurança de Alimentos
A Flora Floresta do Araguaia Conservas Alimentícias LTDA, indústria processadora de frutas para a produção de sucos concentrados, atuante no mercado nacional e internacional, está comprometida com os requisitos legais e estatuários e outros requisitos aplicáveis, com o objetivo de garantir a segurança e qualidade do alimento em todas as fases do processo.
Merecer a credibilidade dos clientes;
Melhorias contínua dos processos;
Busca do aperfeiçoamento dos recursos humanos;
Comunicação interativa com todos os elos da cadeia produtiva de alimentos.
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+55 (35) 2102-4300

Our facilities
Where finding Flora

Headquarters Floresta do Araguaia - PA

Founded in 1998 and located in Floresta do Araguaia - PA, this unit is specialized in fresh pineapple processing for concentrate and single strenght juice manufacturing, aseptic or frozen.

Unit Pouso Alegre - MG

Founded in 2010, this unit is the administrative and financial operations center of the group, as well as a storage and distribution unit for aseptic products destined for the markets: Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Unit Mianorte - TO

Unit founded in 2003, located in Miranorte - TO, specialized in pineapple processing. Recently began the processing of passion fruit, mango and guava for concentrate and single strenght juice manufacturing.

Agricultural Division - Floresta do Araguaia - PA

Founded in 2012, this unit is specialized in growing pineapple for supplying the unit Floresta do Araguaia - PA.